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Go Into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15)

Create Your Own Tract

Have you ever wanted to create your own Gospel tract?  That's one of the main reasons we exist!  Our goal is to help you create the best tract possible; one that is a perfect fit for your outreach, event, or witnessing style.

Here's how it works:

Perhaps you have just an idea for a tract you'd like to see produced.  That's ok!  We can help you from start to finish!  Maybe you're graphically inclined and have a tract that is almost completely designed already. We can help finish it out and give you a professional final product.  No matter what level of involvement you need from us, we can help!

If you're just getting started, first try to figure out what style of tract you'd like.  Our standard styles are card-type tracts, money tracts, and folded tracts.  Below you will find the different costs and design fees associated with different styles of tracts.  If you require something not listed, let us know and we can give you a custom quote!

The Design Process:

Next, send us an email to let us know what you have in mind.  Please include anything you have up to that point (if you have a Gospel message started, if you have some sample pictures you'd like to use, or whatever).

We will work with whatever ideas you have and come up with a great looking tract! We will keep you in the loop and email you proofs once they are complete.  Then you simply email back any changes you want. This process continues until you are completely satisfied with the design.

The Ordering Process:

Once the design is approved by you, we will create a custom item in our store with a permanent link. You will be able to select the quantity you want, and whether you want them shrink wrapped in bundles of 50 or 100 (to make carrying them easier).  That is also where you will pay the design fee. Since it's a permanent link, you will be able to come back to the link any time you wish to re-order. You can also send the link to friends and family that may be interested and they can purchase the tracts as well!

Turnaround Times:

The design process can take anywhere from one day to several weeks, depending on how complex the design is, and how quickly the tracts are needed.  Having more information to work with at the beginning (completed Gospel message, sample images, etc.) can greatly reduce the design time of your tract.

Typical printing time is roughly TWO WEEKS from the time your tracts have been approved and ordered through the website. If you need a tract done for a certain event, please contact us as soon as you can, and let us know when you need the tracts.  We will do our best to accommodate you.

Design Fees:

Design fees are a one-time fee to create your custom tract.  The amount of this fee varies depending on what style of tract is selected. Below is a list of styles and their associated design fees:

Card Tracts: $50 to $75 design fee
Money Tracts: $150 to $250 design fee
Folded Tracts: $150 to $250 design fee

Copyright Policy:

Gospel Tract Planet reserves the right to carry ANY custom tract in our store if we choose to, whether in it's original state, or slightly modified. Typically all custom tracts are available in our "Custom Tracts" section of our website.  Occasionally, we will decide to have the tract printed and offer it for sale on a pack-by-pack basis.

This policy does NOT apply to tracts not designed by us.  For example, if you already have a tract designed and only need it printed, we would not carry it on our website in any way unless you granted us permission to do so and we agreed to the arrangement.

Under no circumstances do we pay royalties or commissions on tracts that are sold, either on a pack-by-pack basis or when ordered in bulk.

The Gospel Message and Word Count:

Writing your own Gospel message is a great way to speed up the process of creating your own tract. While there are many different points of view on many different doctrines, we would highly suggest listening to the following two messages if you haven't before:


The concepts in these two messages will help the Gospel make sense to an unbeliever. We STRONGLY recommend listening to these two messages before writing your tract!

Word count and the length of the Gospel message is VERY important when writing a tract.  You want to have enough words to accurately explain the Gospel, but you don't want so many words that the font size becomes so small that it's unreadable. Below is a list of the different sizes of tracts and their approximate allowable word counts:

Small Card Tracts (3.5x2): 135 to 150 words
Medium Card Tracts (4.25x2.75):  225 to 250 words
Large Card Tracts (3x5):  250 to 300 words

Standard Money Tracts (6.25x2.625):  200 to 225 words
Jumbo Money Tracts (10x4.25):  350 to 400 words

Folded Tract (4.25x11): 1,000 to 1,200 words

Gospel Tract Pricing:

Below are the prices for the different Gospel tract styles. Please note that these prices INCLUDE shipping within the lower 48 states in the US.  For orders outside of the US, (and Alaska & Hawaii) there is an extra charge for shipping.

Prices DO NOT include shrink wrapping, but this option can be added for a small charge.  The cost starts at about $25 for 500 tracts and goes up from there, depending on the quantity you order.

500 quantity = $50 ($0.10 each)
1,000 quantity = $80 ($0.08 each)
2,500 quantity = $150 ($0.06 each)
5,000 quantity = $200 ($0.04 each)
10,000 quantity = $350 ($0.035 each)

500 quantity = $100 ($0.20 each)
1,000 quantity = $140 ($0.14 each)
2,500 quantity = $200 ($0.08 each)
5,000 quantity = $250 ($0.05 each)
10,000 quantity = $400 ($0.04 each)

5x3 Size:
500 quantity = $110 ($0.22 each)
1,000 quantity = $140 ($0.14 each)
2,500 quantity = $200 ($0.08 each)
5,000 quantity = $250 ($0.05 each)
10,000 quantity = $400 ($0.04 each)

6x4 Size:
500 quantity = $110 ($0.22 each)
1,000 quantity = $140 ($0.14 each)
2,500 quantity = $225 ($0.09 each)
5,000 quantity = $300 ($0.06 each)
10,000 quantity = $550 ($0.055 each)

500 quantity = $100 ($0.20 each)
1,000 quantity = $150 ($0.15 each)
2,500 quantity = $200 ($0.08 each)
5,000 quantity = $250 ($0.05 each)
10,000 quantity = $450 ($0.045 each)
25,000 quantity = $1,000 ($0.04 each)
50,000 quantity = $1,750 ($0.035 each)
100,000 quantity = $3,000 ($0.03 each)

500 quantity = $115 ($0.23 each)
1,000 quantity = $150 ($0.15 each)
2,500 quantity = $225 ($0.09 each)
5,000 quantity = $300 ($0.06 each)
10,000 quantity = $500 ($0.05 each)

Tri-Fold (5.5x2.83) and Quad-Fold (4.25x2.75):

500 quantity = $150 ($0.30 each)
1,000 quantity = $250 ($0.25 each)
2,500 quantity = $350 ($0.14 each)
5,000 quantity = $500 ($0.10 each)
10,000 quantity = $800 ($0.08 each)

Bi-Fold (4.25x2.75):

500 quantity = $125 ($0.25 each)
1,000 quantity = $200 ($0.20 each)
2,500 quantity = $300 ($0.12 each)
5,000 quantity = $450 ($0.09 each)
10,000 quantity = $700 ($0.07 each)