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Custom 'Babe Ruth Million Dollar Bill' tracts (6.25x2.625)
Custom 'Babe Ruth Million Dollar Bill' tracts (6.25x2.625)

Custom Tract - Babe Ruth Million

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This is a custom tract, printed with your contact info on it (optional). To order, do the following:

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Tract Text:

Baseball is a great game, but the game has rules. The umpire knows the rules and can call you safe, out or even throw you out of the game. Like baseball, life has rules. God, the Ultimate Umpire, has rules & laws for us, and He can call you "Safe" or "Out." Have you been playing by God's rules? Have you ever stolen anything besides a base? Have you ever lied? Have you ever disobeyed your parents? Have you ever hated anybody? (God sees hate as murder of the heart because He sees our thoughts. Adults read Matthew 5:21-28) Have you ever had impure thoughts or said impure words? If you said "yes," you would be guilty of breaking His laws! God throws out law breakers and puts them in hell. However, God has provided a way for you to be safe. He has provided His Son as a Pinch Hitter, a Substitute that can take your place.

When Jesus died on the cross, He paid the penalty for all the laws you have broken. He took your punishment. Jesus rose from the dead, proving He has the power to give everlasting life. God can forgive you if you repent, turn from your sins, and trust and follow Jesus Christ. This is the only thing that can save you from God's punishment. The Bible says in John 14:6 that Jesus is the Only Way. Once you die, it won't matter how many home runs you've hit or how many good things you have done. Unless you have surrendered to follow Jesus, you will be "OUT" on Judgment Day. This is one game you do not want to lose. Read your Bible every day and obey what it says and above all BE SAFE!. Visit www.TheWayToBeSafe.info or call 1.888.Need Him. Thanks, now Play Ball!

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