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Custom 'Death And Dying in America' Tract (Quad Fold)
Custom 'Death And Dying in America' Tract (Quad Fold)

Custom Tract - Death and Dying in America

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Tract Text:

Afraid of Death

If we are completely honest with ourselves, most will admit that they don't like to think about death and dying. As a matter of fact, people often go to great lengths to avoid using the terms death, dying, dead. We often use slang terms in place of death, just so we don't have to speak the word itself. I am sure, you too, have used one of the following in a conversation:

Cash In Your Chips, Dirt Nap, Game Over, Six Feet Under, The Big Sleep, Bought The Farm, Toes Up, Cold Storage, Dust Factory, Pine Box Palace, Check Out, The Final Curtain, Give Up The Ghost, Punching Out, Croaked, In The Bone Yard, Gone Off-Line, Permanent Vacation, All She Wrote, Gone West, In The Crisper, and everyone’s favorite: Kick The Bucket.

How Many Americans Die Every Year?

Over 2.4 million! Over 1 million of these are sudden deaths. Every single day 2,600 Americans expect to be alive tomorrow - and they're not.

Anywhere, Any Place, Any Time

As you know, death can happen anywhere, anyplace and at anytime:

In hospitals: 90,000. One American dies in a hospital from a medical error or a lethal infection every 6 minutes.

At home: 54,500. One American is killed in an accident at home every 10 minutes. 

Transportation: 46,844. One American is killed by a traffic accident every 11 minutes. 6,000 of these caused by texting. 

Poisoning: 40,059. One American is accidentally poisoned to death every 13 minutes. 

Falls: 22,631. One American is killed in a fall every 23 minutes.

Homicide: 18,361. One American is murdered every 29 minutes. 

Drunk driving: 10,288.    28 Americans are killed by a drunk driver every day. 

Drowning: 3,443.    9 Americans drown every day.

Do You Consider Yourself to Be a Good Person?

Almost everyone thinks they’re a good person because of the way we like to compare ourselves to others. But the question we should all be asking is, 

Am I Good Enough to Go to Heaven?

The way to find out is to ask ourselves if we have obeyed the Ten Commandments. God uses the Law (or the Ten Commandments) to determine who is "good" and who is not good.

Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen anything? (The value of the item is irrelevant). Have you ever used God's name in vain? Jesus said, "Whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her in his heart." Have you ever looked with lust? Will you be guilty or innocent on the Day of Judgment? Will you go to Heaven or Hell?

If you are guilty of breaking those four, God sees you as a "lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart." and the Bible makes it clear that you will end up in Hell. 

Now for the GOOD NEWS

God does not want you to go to hell for eternity. He is rich in mercy and compassion, and has provided a way for you to be forgiven. Yes, it’s true, there is a way out… This is not just good news (the meaning of the word gospel), this is HUGE news, in fact THE greatest news ever!

He wants to offer you a full pardon (from hell); instead, He’s made a way for you to have eternal life in heaven with Him. You cannot earn it, and you do not deserve it, but God is offering it to you because He has an indescribable love for you. This is THE ONLY way to heaven. Even though we broke God's law (the Ten Commandments). He became a man to pay the fine. Jesus suffered and died on the cross (taking the punishment upon Himself), then He rose from the dead: "For God so loved the World, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

Confess and Repent of Your Sins

So confess your sins to Him right now, put your trust in Jesus, and you will pass from death to life.

Pray something like this: 
"Dear God, today I turn away from all of my sins (name them). I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Please forgive me, change my heart, and grant me the gift of everlasting life. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen" 

Then read your Bible daily and get plugged into a Bible believing Church.

Load of Crap?

That's what you may think of all of this Jesus stuff and that's fine, it's your choice, but I'd like to share one last thing before you become another death statistic.

When Jesus died on the cross, He died not only for your sins, but also for the sins of the whole World. Jesus died for every sin every person who has ever lived on the face of this planet has committed or ever will commit.

But there is one sin that cannot be forgiven (Matthew12:32). There is only one sin that can and will damn you for all of eternity. It is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? It is when you ignore the Spirit's voice speaking in your heart and say, "Those crazy Christians are brainwashed, those Christians drank the Kool-Aid, those believers are under some kind of delusion," there comes a point where you will have said, "No" one too many times to the Holy Spirit. There comes a point when the unpardonable sin has been committed. 

What does this mean? It means the Holy Spirit will no longer speak to your heart. You can only hear the message so many times before God will finally say, "Okay, have it your way. You don't want to acknowledge my free gift of salvation, very well. My Spirit will no longer speak to you." At that point you are lost.

If the Spirit is speaking to your heart right now, don't put it off another moment... Reach out and take His hand.

If you need additional information or would like to contact us please visit: www.WhoWasJesusChrist.net 

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