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Custom 'Does God Speak' Tract (5x3)
Custom 'Does God Speak' Tract (5x3)

Custom Tract - Does God Speak?

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Tract Text:

Is God speaking to us today? If so, how does He speak to us? Is it only through Scripture (the Bible) or does God speak to us today apart from biblical revelation (through dreams, visions, voices, hunches, promptings, and feelings)? If He is speaking apart from Scripture today, how does one know he is really hearing from God? Could it be one's own imagination or desires (or even something more sinister)?

Many professing Christians today are relying on inward promptings, visions, voices, hunches, dreams, and feelings rather than on the written, objective, and reliable Word of God found in the Bible.  Personal experience, emotionalism, and "God told me" have become the guiding force for many people rather than Scripture alone.  This is not only unbiblical, but dangerous!  The Bible never tells Christians to focus on new, mystical revelations, impressions, feelings, or hunches.  God continually points us to His Word and the doctrines contained therein (2 Tim 2.1-15).

Faith that does not come from the actual Word of God is not biblical faith (Rom 10.17), and is contrary to the true, saving gospel found in the Word of God (Gal 1.9). A truly saved Christian (someone who repents of their sins and trusts in the good news of the gospel that the resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ, alone saves - Mark 1.15; Luke 13.5) will desire to learn Scripture (2 Tim 3.15-4.5), judge everything by Scripture (Acts 17.11), and obey what Scripture says (James 1.22). 

Scripture is sufficient to accomplish all that God desires to do in and through you (2 Pet 1.3).  There is no need for further revelation!  Therefore, a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ will only follow God's Word found in Scripture.  If you are truly saved by repenting of your sins and trusting in Christ, then please do not add to God's Word with your own subjective "inner voice."  Read and obey the Bible, that is God's perfect, complete, and final voice.

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