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Custom 'Hell is for Good People' Tract (4.25x2.75)
Custom 'Hell is for Good People' Tract (4.25x2.75)

Custom Tract - Hell is for Good People

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Tract Text:

Hell is for Good People doesn't make much sense, but according to the Bible it's a fact. Jesus said that no one is good, and the first step in receiving God's grace and mercy is a humble heart. See if this humbles you. Have you ever told a lie to protect your own interest? Have you ever stolen anything, irrespective of its value? Jesus said ?whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.? Have you ever looked with lust? Have you ever used God's name in any irreverent way? If you are honest with yourself before God and answered yes to these questions, you are admitting to being a lying thief and a blasphemous adulterer at heart. On Judgment Day you will be found guilty and sentenced to eternity in Hell. Don't be fooled into thinking your good works will get you off the hook. That won't work in civil court, and it certainly won't work in God's court. You need someone to pay your fine. Jesus Christ did that for you 2000 years ago on the cross. God put your sins on His only son and punished Him so you can walk free from the courtroom. Jesus then rose from the grave three days later and defeated death once and for all. Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ today and turn (repent) from your sins. Then get a Bible, stay in it, and begin living a holy life pleasing to God. If you would like a free gift, go to www.hellisforgoodpeople.com

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