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Custom 'How Far' Tract (6x4)
Custom 'How Far' Tract (6x4)

Custom Tract - How Far

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Tract Text:

Two thousand years ago, a great light appeared in the east. While multitudes may have beheld that light, only a few responded to its bright and shining hope. These were called wise men, not because they saw the light, but because they followed it.

Without airplane or automobile, without decent roads, restaurants, or motels, they made the long and difficult journey through forbidding and hostile country. Their great trek led them to the little town of Bethlehem where the greatest miracle since creation had taken place. A virgin had given birth to a son!

The promise of God that a Saviour would come into the world had been fulfilled. The heavenly host gathered round to praise this newborn King. His name was called JESUS, for He had come to save people from their sins.

When they arrived at the place where the Christ child was, they worshipped Him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Of all who came to behold Him, be they shepherds, angels, or these wise men, none questioned the claims of God’s prophets, and none doubted the truth of what they beheld. This was indeed the Saviour of the world! They knew it, and they rejoiced. 

That babe grew. He lived a perfect, sinless life. He fulfilled the Old Testament law to the letter. Then He offered Himself in sacrificial payment for the sins of the whole world on a cross at Calvary. He shed His sinless blood to pay for your sins and mine. Three days and three nights later the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He lives today in majesty and power in the splendor of heaven. These great truths are known as the gospel.

The Lord Jesus Christ has the power and the desire to grant forgiveness of sins and to give everlasting life to all who come to Him by faith.

He did not force Himself upon men and women 2000 years ago, and He will not force Himself on you today. But if you will join the company of wise men who have left all to seek Him, you will find Him to be the Lord of all, the lover of your soul, and your dearest friend.

Those men of old sought and found the Saviour of sinners. Theirs was a long and difficult journey but one they did not regret. How about you, dear friend? How far will you go to meet King Jesus? Would you travel to a quiet place and kneel before Him and call upon Him from your heart trusting Him to be your own Saviour? You will never regret that trip.

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