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Custom 'Intolerance Test' Tract (6x4)
Custom 'Intolerance Test' Tract (6x4)

Custom Tract - Intolerance Test

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Tract Text:

It is amazing to see how many out there preach tolerance but don’t give it themselves. We say we love and respect others, but do we truly tolerate differing beliefs and opinions? Some believe that being tolerant is a true trait of being a good person. Are you a good person? Let’s find out. 

Have you ever told a lie before? If you tell lies (color of the lie makes no difference) you would be a liar. Have you ever stolen something even if it was small? If you have taken something that did not belong to you (without permission) you would be a thief. Jesus said if you even look at someone with lust (forbidden sexual desire) in your heart, you commit adultery in your heart. Have you ever done that? If you have broken one or all three of the above, you would be a lying, thieving, adulterer at heart, and we haven’t even looked at the other seven of the Ten Commandments. 

Imagine a Judge who disagreed with the way you live and thought you should be eternally punished for it, yet provided a way for you to be justly forgiven and the charges against you dropped. Would you call such a one bigoted or intolerant? Although the Judge is completely intolerant of your crimes, by providing a way for you to be saved from judgment reveals his great love and mercy. That is what Jesus did 2,000 years ago on the cross. Though God is completely intolerant of your sin, His mercy and grace has provided a way for you to be forgiven and saved from your sin by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible says that the penalty for our sin is eternity in Hell, and the only way you can be saved from eternal punishment is by repenting (turning away from all your sin) and putting your faith (or trust) in Jesus to save you. Jesus took the penalty for our sin upon Himself so that criminals like you can go free and receive eternal life. The Bible says you must be born again or you cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3). Stop being bigoted toward Jesus and trust him today to save you from your sin once and for all before it is too late. (Answer to the Test: Truly tolerant people say “no” to questions #3 and #4.) 

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