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Custom 'New Years' Tract (3.5x2)
Custom 'New Years' Tract (3.5x2)

Custom Tract - New Years Tract

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This is a custom tract, printed with your contact info on it (optional). To order, do the following:

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Tract Text:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It’s this time of year when many people are bound and determined to make New Year’s resolutions. What is YOUR resolution? How about making peace with God? The Bible says that everyone will stand before Him to give an account of every word, thought, & action.  Let’s look at the Ten Commandments to see if you meet God’s standard.  Have you ever lied, stolen, or hated someone?  Have you looked with lust and therefore committed adultery in your heart?  If you have broken just one of these laws, then you have sinned against God.  The penalty for sin is an eternity in hell.  The GOOD NEWS is that God provided a way out.  Jesus Christ took the punishment when he suffered under God’s wrath and died on the cross.  He defeated death by rising from the dead.  God now commands you to repent (turn from your sins) and trust in Him alone to save you.  No amount of good works will get you to heaven.  Make the resolution to get right with God TODAY.  Read Psalm 51 and make it your sincere prayer to God.

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