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Custom 'Spanish Are You Ready?' Tract (3.5x2)
Custom 'Spanish Are You Ready?' Tract (3.5x2)

Custom Tract - Spanish Are You Ready?

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This is a custom tract, printed with your contact info on it (optional). To order, do the following:

Select Quantity: Select the quantity you want.  You may also select shrink wrapping, which will bundle the tracts in sets of 100.

Customization Text: Enter any contact info you want to add to the tract. Most tracts can fit around 100 characters. 

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English Translation:

Are you ready for Judgment Day? The Bible says that all will stand before God to give an account of every thought, word, & deed. Will you be innocent or guilty on that day? Let’s look at the Ten Commandments to see if you meet God’s standard. Have you ever lied or stolen? (regardless of value) Ever looked with lust and therefore committed adultery in your heart? (see Matthew 5:28) You may see these as "no big deal" but God sure doesn't. He is Holy and said, "be Holy, for I am Holy." God sent His Son, Jesus, to live the perfect life we never could. He took God's wrath on the cross for sinners. Jesus paid the punishment for our sins against a Holy God. Then Jesus rose from the dead. Cry out to God for mercy and put your trust in Jesus (rather than "good works") to save you. 

Spanish Translation:

¿Estás listo para el Día de Juicio? La Biblia dice que todos vamos a darle cuentas a DIOS por cada pensamiento, palabra, obra y omisión. ¿Serás culpable o inocente en ese día? Veamos si has cumplido con los 10 Mandamientos de la ley de DIOS. ¿Alguna vez has mentido? ¿robado? (No importa el valor). ¿Has mirado a alguien con codicia, cometiendo adulterio en tu corazón? (Lee Mateo 5:28). Tal vez estas sean trivialidades para ti, pero no lo son para DIOS. DIOS es Santo y dijo: "Sed Santos porque YO soy Santo." DIOS mandó a su HIJO, JESÚS, que vivió la vida perfecta, que nunca podremos vivir. El soportó la ira de DIOS en la cruz, para salvar a los pecadores. JESÚS pagó el castigo por nuestros pecados en contra de un DIOS Santo. JESÚS, resucitó de entre los muertos. Pídele a DIOS misericordia y confía en JESÚS (en vez de en "tus buenas obras") para que te salve. 

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