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Custom 'What If? (Abortion)' Tract (4.25x2.75)
Custom 'What If? (Abortion)' Tract (4.25x2.75)

Custom Tract - What If? (Abortion)

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Tract Text:

What if sex outside marriage is wrong? What if it is called fornication and is forbidden by God? What if all sexually immoral people are thrown in the lake of fire? What if your baby is a personal creation and gift from God? What if your infant is made in the image and likeness of God? What if you are carrying twins? What if God forbids the shedding of your child's innocent blood? What if aborting your baby is murder in God's eyes? What if the commandment "You shall not murder" is a warning to your conscience? What if abortion is one of the most serious kinds of sin?  What if you will be held accountable for all of your sins? What if God holds murdering your baby against you on Judgment Day? What if God commanded that you repent and turn from your sin? What if God also required that you put your faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, to take your punishment? What if you are commanded to repent and believe this? What if you were to go to hell because you are a sinner and refused to obey God's command? What if this was the last chance God gave you to turn from your sin?

What if you did do the right thing and let your little one live? What if there is a loving, adoptive couple who is willing to call your baby their own? What if it was FREE to place your infant for adoption? What if you cried out to God to forgive you of all of your sin? What if you determined to obey Jesus, and with His help, sin no more? What if you asked God to help you through this pregnancy and through the rest of your life? What if you did this by faith right now?

What if you went to the Christian who gave you this tract and accepted their offers of help to have this baby?

What if there were no more questions and God is demanding your immediate obedience?

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