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What If Post It Note (Pad of 25 Sticky Notes)
What If Post It Note (Pad of 25 Sticky Notes)

Post It Note: What If (Pad of 25 Sheets)

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Pack of 25 Post It notes.

We have taken one of our oldest and most popular tracts and turned into a tract that goes anywhere - literally!  Now, you can STICK the tract anywhere: car windows, toilet stalls, mirrors, lockers, signs, bus stops, books, tables, gas pumps..  The possibilities are endless!  These 3"x4" post it notes are a perfect size to fit in your pocket and perfect to stick just about anywhere. 

Tract Text:

What if you could read minds? What if you knew winning lottery numbers a day early? What if you could live forever? What if you were breathing your last breath right now? What if you had already eaten your last meal?  What if you had your conscience for a reason? What if it were a beacon ? a warning of an impending doom? What if justice were not corrupt, but something true ? something eternal? What if the standard for life were a perfect Law you already knew?   What if in the stillness of a silent moment you knew you had broken that Law? What if we ignore the inner warning light which pulses when we lie, steal and lust? What if even our hatred is counted as murder?   

What if there is a Heaven?  What if there is a Hell? What if there is a just Judge who knows even our thoughts? What if He holds us accountable for every thought, word and deed?  What if death is the fine for breaking an eternal Law?  What if someone paid that fine for sinners? What if Jesus Christ is that person? What if He defeated death by rising from the dead? What if you could turn from your sin, put your faith in Him and live? 
What if He gave you your conscience to point you to Him? 

Every second two people die... What if this is your second?    

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